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Growing your Brand

Your brand identifies your business through its name, a visual or both. A brand with a positive image creates value for your business by helping to increase sales through recognition and by driving new customers to try your products and services. A brand with a negative image has the potential to do the opposite.

As your business grows, your brand will be increasingly exposed to a range of potential customers and the public in general. Ensuring that people know what your brand stands for is an important part of your marketing and overall business strategies.

To successfully build your brand, you need to think about:

  • Your vision, mission and business goals.
  • Your brands core values and attributes.Growing your Brand
  • What message you want to communicate.
  • What you are trying to sell.
  • Who you're target audience is.

Once you have defined these points, you can start to develop and promote your brand. In doing so, you need to ensure that your message is clear and consistent. Think about how you can use different channels, such as e-marketing or social media, to build your brand in the market. Your brand needs to stand out - it has to be different so that people can easily recognise who you are.

Developing a brand is a long term strategy that takes a significant investment on your part. Over time, the value of your brand will become very important to your business, so ensure that you are aware of your intellectual property rights and can protect your brand.